[Free Masterclass] How To Get PR For Your Startup

Hi all! I'm hosting a free masterclass with Brick Lane PR for female founders on 6/29 on how to get PR for your startup without hiring an agency. They're sharing the exact steps they use to get their clients into NYTimes, TechCrunch, Fast Company, Allure, Refinery29 etc. The Brick Lane founders are two women who were the first comms hires at Stitch Fix & Lyft and have also helped countless other early & later stage tech companies get PR so it'll be a great chance to learn the "secrets" of how PR actually works.The workshop is originally for my community that I run of female DTC founders so the title says "PR for DTC" but 90% of what we will cover apply to all startups/brands.Feel free to pass this along to a founder friend! Hope to see you there :)