Looking for input for interviews at a start up

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Hi Rebecca, congrats on making it to the 3rd round! The fact that you are asking these kinds of questions tells me that you are eager and qualified for the startup world. My recommendation would be to showcase that you are willing to do anything, maybe even outside your job description. Depending on how large the team is, you might have to roll up your sleeves and jump in for another team member or brainstorm with your team. Like any other job interview, highlight your background and what you can specifically bring to the table. Read up every article on this company and its competitors. Maybe read up some tech crunch articles about the specific industry trends—Listen to some podcasts about startups. Most importantly, show that you are passionate about the actual product/company. The team will want to see that you are a great culture fit, and considering you have made it through multiple rounds of interviews, your chances are pretty good. Let us know how it goes!
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Congrats on making it to the 3rd round!1. Lots of valuable research materials in here: https://firstround.com/review/2. I'd be asking about product-market fit, their go-to-market vision or plan (if they have one, or if they're looking for someone to develop it), business model, customer personas and their current base, and their long-term product vision.3. Broad strokes sure, but this is pretty dependent on the company hitting those seed/A/B+ milestones before their raise—and not all do. Many also pivot and change strategies entirely along the way, which means taking a couple steps back. I think it's totally fine to ask questions that help you figure out where they are, how they got to their A, and what their short-term goals are for the position. That will be the best measure of what funnels you should be targeting if you join.IMHO after working at a few early-stage companies, demonstrating adaptability, some generalist skills, excitement for the vision, and an ability to (as @elisabethtuttass said) roll up your sleeves and tackle anything that comes your way regardless of whether it's written on the job req or not will be important for success.Happy to chat more if you have more q's - just reach out to me here or on LinkedIn!
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Congratulations! In addition to what @elisabethtuttass and @arielleshipper mentioned, I'd be interested in the board structure and primary investors. Now that they're Series A, they'll have more structure than SUPER early companies. IMHO - I also like to ask people what company milestone they're most proud of, since it will indicate if they're future driven or focused on just getting the most immediate thing done.
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these are GREAT questions!