Laid Off Toolkit - top free tools, resources, sites for job-seekers

Hi Elphas!!

My team created the Laid Off Toolkit (free tools/apps sites) to help people land jobs fast.

Laid Off Toolkit features:

  • Resume & interview best practices
  • Get networking best practices and templates
  • Remote work recommendations
  • Career direction guidance
  • Free financial trackers


  • Roadmap Career Dashboard (NEW!) - track the job search actions that lead to more offers
  • TalentList (free) - get matched to jobs you’ll love
  • Salary Toolkit - a roundup of the best, most reputable salary calculators for any role, any region

Check it out and upvote to help more people find it ahead of the holiday season!

Lastly, let me know if there are other free tools, resources, apps, or sites that I should add!

Please share your recs for other tools, apps, sites that would help job-seekers so I can add them!

Loved this! I am from India. Do you have resources for Asia or people looking for globally remote companies?I am following you till then. Thank you for creating this. May I ask where are you active online the most? Is it LinkedIn or twitter - would love to follow you!
Is this still available?