20 HOT product management jobs that dropped this week

If you're looking to get hired in Product Management (or adjacent roles), here are 20 HOT jobs that dropped TODAY 👇

1. Sr. Product Manager, Core Data (Google)

2. Principal Product Manager, AI Experiences - Central AI (Atlassian)

3. Global Product Lead, New Product and Vertical Incubation (Google)

4. Product Manager, Jobs Partner Growth (LinkedIn)

5. Principal Product Manager (Microsoft)

6. Principal Product Manager (Adobe)

7. Product Manager (Deloitte)

8. Product Manager, Federated Learning (Nvidia)

9. Sr. Product Manager, AI Products (BigPanda)

10. Product Manager - Small Business Banking (Q2)

11. Product Manager, Portfolio Planning (Thomson Reuters)

12.Associate Product Manager, Internal Tools (Leadership Connect)

13. Product Manager (adtechnacity)

14. Salesforce Product Manager (Glocomms)

15. Product Manager (Kunai)

16. Product Manager, Projects (Notion)

17. 2024 Product Manager Intern (Adobe)

18. 2024 Intern - Product Manager, 3D Democratization (Adobe)

19. Principal Program Manager, WHS Strategy (Amazon)

20. Leadership Technical Program Manager I, Google Cloud (Google)

Hope this points you in the right direction for your next big opportunity.