Remote Design & Development thoughtbot apprenticeship roles (paid opportunities)

hello & happy holidays !

Excited to share we have opened Design & Development apprenticeship roles in the Americas & EMEA. The Apprenticeship is a fantastic (paid) program we have for building our team. More info on the program & the roles here:

A bit more about thoughtbot:

thoughtbot is known worldwide as a leading design, development, and product management consultancy providing end-to-end services along the complete product development life cycle. thoughtbot validates, builds, scales, maintains, and supports web and mobile products. We are one of the leading design and development companies on a global scale. We use an agile, human-centered strategy for digital products in every stage from upfront research, through design and development, so you have one partner for your business each step of the way. Since 2003, we have worked to produce higher-quality products while improving team processes and have done so successfully for over 1,000 clients.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thank you for sharing! WIll definitely share with some candidates who can be a good fit!Why exactly is it called an apprenticeship? Is it like an internship that can lead to FT?
awesome! Lots more info here:'s a fully paid position w/ benefits that is mentored by our senior team.Thank you for sharing,
I read the post but didn't quite get the answer to that question like why not call this an employee and call it an apprentice instead , was basically what I was trying to get to.
The apprentice is an employee. The role has less years of experience so we have set activities for mentorship to help them ramp up during the first few months.
Nice thank you for clarifying that! A great opportunity indeed
This is a great opportunity
Hi @kellygebo I am open to Frontend roles.
Great - I encourage you to apply. Our deadline is 1/4.