I just launched my app "Birth Class".

I'm wondering if my app name is too generic. The app consists of audio lessons and exercises and meditations to help you prepare for birth. All done by an excellent Hypnobirth Doula.

Hypnobirthing is trending SO hard right now. Did I do the wrong thing by NOT including"hypnobirth" in my app name? (it's also trademarked FYI)

I thought the word Hypnobirth could scare some people away. Especially first time moms. But now I'm second guessing.

Congrats on launching your new app! I personally do find the name a bit generic. I imagine if I knew about your app, and tried to Google it, it would be quite unlikely for me to find your app because other sites or apps that will respond to the words “birth” and “class” would likely pop up first. I would have to scroll a lot to find it. And imagine if I didn’t know your app at all, it would be even harder for me to find your app organically. I guess it would be different if you were able to put your app as some of the first search results. But this is just my 2 cents!
Thank you!
Congrats on the app! We so need better education and opportunities for women to prepare for the gritty realities of birth. You're doing good work.I'm with Caitlyn - I don't know if Birth Class distinguishes you much in the market. I'm also not sure if you want to include Hypnobirth in the title unless that is your entire USP. It might be trending now, but you want to build a brand which lasts, and gives you the flexibility to expand later on.For branding references, you may want to check out Poppyseed Health (, Cayaba Care ( or Robyn (
Also actually I have some time in my calendar if you want to talk further on Tuesday/Wednesday of next week. I run ops for a design agency specializing in women's health (, so this is basically all we talk about all day :)
Thank you, appreciate it :)
I am of the school that your company name should be what your company does. In your case, you did great. It's now about building a campaign that reflects your brand. Good luck!
Thank you!
I don't think it is too generic. If people are looking for a birth app they will type "birth" and your app will show up. You should try to think of all the words that users might use to look up a birthing app and include that in the keyword search, for example you could put Hypnobirthing in your key word search and you app will pop up. Where your app shows up on the list (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) depends on how popular your app is meaning how many downloads you have. If you have any other technical questions regarding your app, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]Good Luck!Chitra French
Thank you!
If I saw this in the App Store, I'd think this was some weird fake app that secretly installs a backdoor on my phone. Maybe integrating doula and meditation somewhere.
Oh, what makes you think so?
The simplicity and somewhat blandness of the name.
ok ok, I think I understand. Thanks!
How about Birth Doula? I’m curious - can you share more on what your process was around developing the current name?
Sure - I think a lot of first time moms aren’t necessarily too interested in the different kinds of birth methods. I think it is more common for the second time around to make a truly concious decision about what type of birthing support to choose. that’s why I opted for a generic name to attract the ones who ”know they should prepare” but not more than that.
Congrats! I would go for immediate, simple and easy understanding of what the app does and also allow the app room to grow, for your *audience*. You can use the term hypnobirthing in all the communications, sub titles, etc. if needed. So will you always be targeting an audience looking for hypnobirthing doulas, or doulas or all birth classes? Does that help? (I do like the name, it's clear).
Thank you for your feedback!!