North Bay Elphas

Hi ladies!

Just wondering if there any Elphas in the North Bay: Napa county, Sonoma county area.

I'd love to be able to have some social gathering of like-minded gals. I can't seem to find events or gatherings nearby where I can be with other women and just Be!

There's no agenda I have in mind yet, just wanting to get a pulse and put feelers out there.

I mean if you are planning a meetup in Napa at a vineyard, I can identify as an Elpha in the North Bay for a day, right? HAHAJokes aside, they aren't in the North bay specifically but they are in the Bay and maybe they will be interested in this outing:@etalonkristina @nodira, @lizsdregas, @evacreder, @Dom, @alongcamekatrina, @michellesmanifesto, @hadia, @sarapprobst, @dpoleski, @ReginaMoore, @rocio, @wenhsu, @kimtercero, @MonicaBarrigaWeyers, @AlexandraA, @Lyli, @cagla, @AnnaMatalon, @rachelperera, @kathryndevaney, @joyajoseph, @Ashleylopes, @ChitraFrench, @lindseywitmercollin, @vxgutierrez, @neemster, @kirstensedestrom @Eunyoung @AlisonThen here are some of our SF proper elphas (again not sure if travelling to the north bay is convenient for any of them but flagging bc we never know!) @hanado @CGF @jennywin13 @kiranbaj @Irit @Solene @sarapprobst @Marjan @meetamcd @tanmayisai @NimiV @sunainakavi @beleiciabullock @MelanieMalott @emilygiddings @dpoleski @stephaniecn @wenhsu @kimtercero PS: tagged elpha hangs for more viz!
Lol, thanks @iynna Yes, let me know who else is interested by commenting you'd love to join & connect.
See below you got responses already!!!
Hi @RuthUribes! I live in city of Sonoma and would be so down to connect over a cup of coffee/tea.Feel free to DM me and we can exchange digits! 😊
Love this maybe this will turn into a group get together! If so, send pics please!
I am down for connecting
Love this!!
Thanks for mentioning me! @iynna! I would love to join, too!
Of course! Thank you for responding! :)
Love it, count me in!
I feel like someone should bring their puppy, what do think? :)
Would love to join too!
Yes! I’m in Penngrove, between Petaluma and Santa Rosa!
hi @RuthUribes — I’m in SF (Presidio) but my boyfriend lives in San Rafael and does pilot training in Petaluma so I’m up north quite a bit. I’d love to join a meetup if timing works! and I could maybe bring his dog Frank @iynna lol
Hahaha yesss @hanado LOVES pupps just fyi so she may just ditch you all to play with Frank :D
Any of you coming to The Information’s Women in Tech, Media and Finance Summit next week in Napa?? I’ll be there and would love to meet you!
Hi Emily, I won't be at the event, but I may be passing through the area on the 25th.
I am in Larkspur, and I'd be happy to meet. How about coffee in Aqus Cafe in Petaluma early December?
Hi @etalonkristina! I'll see what the week of Dec 3rd looks like. I'll get a better idea sometime next week. What does your week look like for the week of the 3rd and 10th?