Desinger Bridal Gown Off-the-Rack needs to find their bride

I help my parents where I can with their online bridal and formalwear business.

We have several designer bridal gowns in our inventory (off the rack) that I would like to move.

The prices have been greatly reduced, and brides do not seem interested.

Has anyone else come across inventory issues?

Are there any other suggesstions that I may have missed?

I could be missing something but it doesn’t look like the website provides information about pricing or allow people to purchase products. I also got a notification on my phone when trying to visit your site that it was an unsecure connection (http instead of https) and had to bypass my browser’s security recommendation to continue to the website. If this is an online business, people should be able to buy products online, safely. In general, a good website experience is crucial to online businesses. Hope that’s a helpful insight! But the issue could also be something else entirely, like the shift in wedding plans due to Covid-19, etc.
Okay I found one part of the site that allows purchasing! But the main collections featured on the homepage don’t have pricing. And I still got the safety warning saying it was a suspicious website so I shouldn’t share credit card information. Anyways, just something to look into perhaps. :)
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@Edra32, thank you so much for this insight. I completely agree with you on having a great browsing experience. I had no idea it was doing this.I very very much appreciate this _/\_
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How do folks usually find your site? Are you hoping people are searching online for wedding dresses and happen to come across your site, or is there another way you are marketing?
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Hi Christina, I haven't marketed as heavily as I had before.Brides seem to come across it when they type in "wedding Dresses" and they are searching in their area.Marketing seemed easier when we had a brick-and-motor store. However, we shifted it all to online, well before covid. I'm considering making a video and doing some articles, or blogs to help demystify any confusion when it comes to purchasing from a legit online bridal boutique. I have read and come across way too many bad examples of online stores; so I think that is why there is a lot of hesitation for brides to even consider getting a designer dress from here.Any other thoughts?
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Hi Ruth, I think those are good ideas, but at least initially I might focus your efforts on 1) SEO optimization, which will make the website much more likely to come up when brides are searching for wedding dresses online and 2) optimizing the website to look and feel more like an e-commerce store.When I go to the website, it's not very obvious to me that I can purchase dresses online, and once I finally get to the part where I can buy a dress, it's not the easiest user experience. If you think about it from the buyers point of view, there are SO many options to buy wedding dresses online - what are the chances that they will come across your site when searching online, and what are the chances they won't just leave the site after a few seconds if it's not easy for them? Depending on your budget, it might be worth reaching out to a web agency to see what some options are for having them build an optimized site for you. At the very least, I would look at a DIY website builder like Wix, where you can very easily create a beautiful, professional looking and functional website for a low cost. They will also have SEO optimization add-ons and things like that. It might be like $30/month (I haven't used wix in years so I have no idea how much it would cost), but if even one bride buys a dress because of those efforts, it would probably cover the cost. I hope this helps!
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Yes, thank you Christina.This is much appreciated!