I want to host a female founders virtual meetup, would anyone be interested?

Hi! I'm Lily, the Community Lead at Scroobious and I've been thinking about hosting a female founder virtual meetup next month to discuss challenges, share resources, and connect. Would anyone be interested?

Hi Lily- I would be interested. You can email me at [email protected]Thanks!
Hi Lily! Would love to join, You can reach out to me on IG : ls_coding_journey Ttys!
That sounds great, I would be interested! [email protected]
Yes please!
Yes! Email - [email protected]
I'd love to join.
Great initiative! Please include me [email protected]
Sounds great Lily - count me in!
I would love to be included! - [email protected]
Seeing this quite late. Not sure if it's a recurring thing but would be interested if so! [email protected]
Seeing this a bit late but would love to get to know you guys and share stories, discuss challenges and connect! This is my email: [email protected]
Seeing this super late, but would love to join if you are still keeping this going @lilymacomber email: [email protected]