Be my podcast guest!

Hi - for October I'm offering you a guest spot in my podcast, Musa CyberCafe.

My first episode was with a professor from Australia on back to school cybersafety tips, the second is with an entrepreneur on cyber-safe hacks. Come be a guest and we can cater the questions to your domain/what you know best!

In return, asking for you to help rate and share the podcast. Let me know!

Hi Musa, Reach out to Lemiola. You would have a great discussion with her. Best, Akilah
Thank you so much! Are you open to making a warm introduction between us?
Yes. No problem. I will send her your information as well.
Thank you! My email: [email protected]
Thank you!
Thanks Mansi! Are you focused on topics related to cyber? If so may I suggest the following elphas: @coryliana @gracesoto @lycaconstantino just to name a few!
Thanks everyone! Open to folks from all kinds of backgrounds since the goal is to simplify cybersecurity for the 'common user'
I see, so with context, wouldn't someone with experience in cyber be a better fit, else how would they be able to simplify cyber if they have no knowledge of it?
Hi Musa, I would welcome the opportunity to be a guest on your podcast. What would be the next steps.
Hey @MansiT I think my partner would be interested, would love to chat more :)