Looking for a content lead for a venture-backed early stage women's health startuphttps://jobs.lever.co/m13/4c9afac2-8abe-46c8-8fc6-7b840f65be1b

Hi everyone! I'm the co-founder of an early-stage women's health startup, Tapestry - where our mission is to decode food as medicine for women. We are currently hiring for 2 key roles, one of which is for a content lead/Head of Content.

You can read more in our job description, but in a nutshell, my co-founder Avery and I founded Tapestry due to both of us having had to deal with chronic conditions of our own for over 10 years. While we, like many others, initially turned to medication, we found that we were able to better manage our symptoms after years of our own Googling and trial and error-ing. Hence Tapestry was born to decode food as medicine for women, so that women can save time searching for answers and spend it instead on living longer, fuller lives.

Tapestry is a digital program that empowers women to prevent and manage chronic conditions through food, starting from the gut. Personalized micro-learning journeys, behavioral change tools, community support, and 1:1 coaching are all part of the Tapestry experience that aims to deliver sustainable health outcomes to the 65M women in the US suffering from chronic conditions today.

If our mission resonates with you, and you are an experienced content lead who loves to write and is comfortable taking something from 0 to 1, do check it out and drop me a message if interested!

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Hi Debbie. I am not the right person for the job, but I love the concept of what you are doing. I founded Ready set Dinner to help families create happier and healthier meal times. It is my hope and personal conviction that by creating healthy eating habits inside a family and start off kids' relationship with food in the right way, we can avoid many of the health problems that are currently treated with medication. I would love to connect, follow your journey and learn more about Tapestry.
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Hi @Petra! Amazing, would love to stay connected. LinkedIn would be best: https://linkedin.com/in/debsoon
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Hi Debbie!I resonate with the mission of your company very much. Food as a medicine is something that my grandma strongly believes in.I don’t know if I’m your ideal candidate, but have very diverse experience in marketing and communications with experience in working for early-stage startups. While I’be never been a full-time content creator, I’m good at research and interviewing people (masters degree in journalism helps)I’m located in Phoenix, AZ. Let me know if you would like to connect. Iryna
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Hi @IrynaP! Yes, let's connect! Best way is probably LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/debsoon
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Sent you a LinkedIn request)
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@marialopezmph you seem quite perfect for this! :)