Copilot gave me a script, and then followed up with apparently creating a Google Developers Account to make apps that work

in the Google ecosystem, getting the Gmail API to use it.

Now, you can use scripts in Docs without doing all of that.

ChatGPT 3.5 told me how to use it, involving POP/IMAP settings in Gmail, which sounds weird. I know what those options are, basically point your email in the direction you want to receive it

but that's not my first expectation to run a script, with one step that isn't visible on my Gmail screen.


It's a bit of a way to get around having an email list, but people don't opt in. Read more and set it up yourself here.

NICE- you're so resourceful!!
Thanks Iynna! I still write the emails because I'd feel bad automating EVERYTHING about this when I send it to people in my network. At the very least, I can write 'Hey, how are you?"