How to Find and Approach possible Mentors?

Hey everyone!

Hope all is well, recentley joined Elpha and loving it here!

I am looking for a online business mentor, I am currenlty 19 and started my first busines at around the age of 14 with $40, was able to scale to six figures using social media marketing specifically on tiktok and have made marketing campagins for my products that hit 30M+ views. I'm really skilled in making viral content and selling things, but when it comes to managing and operations it gets kinda wonky lol.

I decided to pause my first biz learn more about business and open a second one, I am aiming to create a paid online community, to teach coaches, ecommerce business owners, and aspiring influncers how to go viral and make their presence on a social platform.

I am aware the best way to learn is through a mentor, and want to go about this second biz in a smarter way. I have seen people talking about how they just email people off of linked in but I'm not even sure what to say or what to ask for? I don't want to some off as just trying to waste someone's tiem and know not everyone wants to mentor, how do I find the ones that do though?

Preferably looking for someone who has run a successful paid community :)!

Thanks in advance for all the advice!