Has anyone here used General Assembly to help them 'skill up'? If so, what was your experience like?

Hey yo! I'm looking to take a 10-week course inside General Assembly for UX Design/User Research. It's part-time and at night, which will work perfectly with my schedule.

Yes, I'm skilling up. But I'm also considering a career change within the marketing spectrum.

It would actually compliment the hodge podge of marketing skills I have now (everything from content marketing to sales copywriting to video production/editing)

It's not a "clutch your pearls" investment, financially.

But I still want to get someone's perspective - who has taken a course (or two!) from them - on how it:

  • Helped their career (both in career search & bargaining power when it comes to salary compensation)
  • If the course was worth it (e.g., did they do a deep dive into topics or did they generalize a lot? Is the curriculum practical & up-to-date, or was it "old news" & outdated?)
  • If the teachers were helpful (e.g., do they answer your questions or brush you off? Do they show up to their office hours or did they disappear without a trace?)

And any other helpful feedback you can offer.


That's a great question, looking forward to the responses!
No one replied in time, and I couldn't wait. I YouTubed it - saw reviews from various people who took their Bootcamp (I'm doing the part-time gig) and decided to go with it. There was one woman who gave a review that tipped me to go for it. She said that General Assembly (and another one) was great if you don't have ANY graphic design experience. My graphic design experience comes from Canva. LOL!So I went for it.I'll try to remember to post here to share with you, and everyone, how it goes over the next 10-weeks.
Hey Gigi, just wondering how did it go? /has it been going? I assume you'll be finishing soon? I'm starting GA - software engineering immersive (partime) soon tomorrow. I'm a bit neverous haha tbh.
Sophia, I'm going to be honest with you - I thought the program was a toss. I knew that it was not for me by the second week - and getting SOME of my money back was a S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E!It wasn't for me partly because I knew everything they were teaching. It was rudimentary, and I wasn't impressed or challenged by the class or teacher. The teachings were just so damn BASIC - and it still makes me angry thinking about it - LOL! πŸ˜…And when I went to get a refund - everyone that was chasing me down to sign up disappeared. I had to HOUND THEM until someone got back with me. And then stay on top of them to make sure SOME of the money got back to me! And that took over 3 weeks to get done (!?!)I thought I was going to get a full refund because I had only been in 2 classes, but there was some clause hidden on a discreet page saying that was not a possibility. After that experience I won't promote or recommend GA to anyone. But maybe it'll be a different experience for you? 🀞🏾😬🀞🏾