Women in Femtech SF/Bay Area Meetup

Hi y'all! Been chatting with folks in the HealthTech/Femtech space and haven't found an existing group that meets in the Bay Area. Would anyone be interested in meeting in either SF or Peninsula (Palo Alto/Mountain View area?

Feel free to like or comment if you'd be interested as well as your preferred area for you to meet (SF or Peninsula)! I can setup up something (hopefully before the end of Nov!) 👩🏽‍⚕️🔬


We are going to meet

October 27th

6pm PT

The Wine Room Palo Alto


Hi, I worked in health tech most of my career. I'd be happy to meet up! What is femtech? I'm not familiar with the term
Femtech was coined when the Clue app was first introduced to describe an industry focused on female technology specifically healthcare related. Now when pitching to VCs the term helps to highlight the size of the market :)
I'm working in femtech. Would be great to catch up!
Hi! I work in health tech and am passionate about femtech! I'm don't live in the Bay Area but will be there in November if anyone wants to meet up
Hi everyone! I don't live in SF but I will be there from 16/10 until 02/11, would love to meet you there! :)
@KatherineS @yuliaeskin @mariagomez @fabianamosera How about 11/1 around 6pm in Palo Alto?
My flight is at 1:15am 2nd Nov, I will be in my way to the airport... Before?
I'm only in town the week of 11/07 till the 11th!
I’ll be out of town the 7th to the ☹️ but could do earlier like 10/27 or 10/28
I can do 10/27
Also down to meet, I'm in Menlo Park!
I would love to join the meet-up. Prefer Palo Alto area since I am right over the bridge.
Sounds good! Let’s do The Wine Room 6pm 10/27 - I’ll also update the original post :)
I'm in health tech as well and am in SF if there's a future meetup in the city!
I've developed healthtech and femtech companies with their web and mobile apps.I would love to meet up with the group.
I would also like to join. I do not work in FemTech. But I am always on the lookout to meet women and be inspired by what everyone is doing.
Hi everyone! Excited to see folks tomorrow at 6pm in Palo Alto :)
Would love to meet up again in SF if you want to do that again! I am with I am out of town for a month though, so I could meet after Dec 6.
I’d love to as well! I’ll be out of town until Jan - if anyone wants to meet then :)
For those in SF - there’s a meetup for SFTech Week with Oath
Great idea! I own a software studio that focuses on designing + building apps for Femtech startups. I'd love to join future meetups! SF is better for me.
I'm late to elpha (hi!) but interested in joining another meetup like this if you guys are interested!! I'm new to SV and looking to meet folks in the healthtech/femtech industry!
Hey! Let’s plan something in December :) I’ll be in SF on the 8th if that works?