Holistic remedies for thyroid beta program

Hi everyone! We are starting a beta program on 12/4 focused on helping women manage their thyroid issues with natural remedies. As many as 1 in 8 women in the U.S. suffer from thyroid issues and it often goes untreated.

if you've seen

- loss of hair at the corner of your eyebrows

- increased food sensitivity in your gut (bloating after meals)

- afternoon naps common with 8 hours of sleep

a thyroid issue may be going undiscovered. However, if you or someone you know has been diagnosed I'd love to chat with them as well as have them join our WhatsApp group so we can learn together and motivate each other as lifestyle changes can be difficult.

Feel free to fill out the interest form and I'll reach out to chat!

I haven't been diagnosed with a thyroid issue, but it runs in my family so I'm interested to hear the results!
Hi Kaitlin! We're going to run a preventative program later if you'd like to fill out the form. I'll let you know when we run it!
That's amazing! Will do.
Hello There! I would be happy to chat with you about thyroid. I've had both hyper and hypo! You can contact me at [email protected]CheersChitra