If we were to design a hardware....


I am currently conducting a research exploring the inclusion of women's perspectives in the design of electronic devices, particularly within the productivity sector, such as Head Mounted Devices (HMDs), mice, keyboards, and voice technology.

When it comes to designing these devices, I have specific ideas in mind, such as

  • ensuring that HMDs do not come into contact with or put pressure on the hair or face
  • making mechanical keyboard switches smaller.

I'm eager to learn about your feedback or vision or wish for the ideal productivity device and how it differs from the current offerings.

Love this research! Smaller keyboards would help me because it can be hard to reach my pinky across for certain keys.
Thanks @kaitlingraham for the feedback. I feel you!!
How do you feel about the mac keyboard? Is that a bit too big for you?
Good question! The mac laptop is fine for me but the desktop keyboard is too big.
HMDs like ocular tend to be a bit heavy on the head and get hot really quicky (not sure it's really smth that anyone can control but putting it out here), and sometimes it comes int contact with the temples and end up hurting/can lead to headache!
Thank you @iynna for your input! Mechanical keyboard is my love. So that was my example. However, both mechanical keyboard and other keyboard switch size is mostly fixed. if it could shrink about 15 - 20% on the side for me to comfortably use it. For this research, I'm doing, I would love input like yours to realize what's been normalized could be reconsidered.