Ways Managers (and Organizations) Can Help Their Sales Sell Better

Every company wants its sales team to be effective and successful. However, salespeople have more on their plate than just making sales. This is the very reason why many sales teams can’t rake in as many sales as they would want to.

This is where managers and the organization as a whole have to step up and help your sales team out. Not only will this benefit your sales team, but it will have a bigger impact on your business as a whole when your sales team can make more sales.

Now, it’s all about how exactly you can help your sales team. In this post, we’re going to talk about the many ways that you can aid your sales reps to bigger success.

Streamlining their sales process

Though there may not always be a one-size-fits-all sales process, you should have a broad sales process in place that gives your team the tools and information they need to achieve their sales goals. Creating playbooks is one of the most effective methods to establish a successful sales process for your team.

Playbooks replicate your top salesperson’s procedures and teach them to your failing salespeople. As a result, your entire team will have a more efficient, productive, and consistent sales process.

When utilizing playbooks, it’s important to remember that they won’t work in every circumstance. Instead, they serve as a flexible guide to help your salespeople through the buyer’s sales journey.

Strategically assign sales territories

The game plan for how reps will go after leads and maintain existing accounts is to assign territories. This is an important step because it is here that the sales process begins.

Territory allocation, in addition to strategy, ensures that territories do not overlap, that sales reps have enough leads to work with, and those top performers are assigned to the most important accounts.

You can take a more tactical approach with territory management software and assign territories based on criteria other than location. More refined criteria, such as industry, business size, and revenue, can easily be used to distribute sales teams.

Over communicating is better than no communication

One of the most essential skills to have as a manager is being able to constantly communicate with your sales team. This is the best way to increase your sales team’s productivity, so you should always check in with your salespeople to stay up-to-date with how they are performing as well as how they’re faring with their work and progress.

The higher your interactions are with them, especially with newly hired salespeople, the better your chances of building a better relationship with them which encourages them to also be more transparent with you.

So, always make sure that you communicate with them and ask them how you can help them with their productivity.

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Establishing lead qualifications

One thing you never want is for your salespeople to be working with and pouring too much time into unqualified leads. This is why having a scoring framework is something you want to have in place as it helps you determine whether or not a lead is with investing time and effort into. You can also assign their values by basing it on their behavior and interaction with your brand, products, and services.

Automate anything that takes up too much time

The reason why sales productivity is stumped most of the time is that a lot of their time goes into admin work instead. In order for them to focus more on actually making sales, we suggest that it’s best that you start looking into automating the tasks that take up too much of their time such as data entry, answering emails, logging visits, etc.

Look into good CRM tools such as the one HubSpot offers that will make your sales rep’s lives easier by letting them focus less on menial tasks and putting their effort on higher-value tasks which are making sales.

Outsourced lead generation and SDR

Of course, the best way to help your sales team sell more is by outsourcing your lead generation and sales development efforts. Outsourcing lead generation and SDR services let you take tedious tasks such as prospecting and lead qualification off of your hands so that your sellers can focus on getting deals to move along.

Outsourcing your lead generation gives you a better chance of obtaining qualified leads that are more sales-ready rather than filling up your pipeline with leads that ultimately end up as cold opportunities. Another advantage is that by outsourcing your SDR activities, your sales reps get to spend their time addressing and engaging with your ideal customers.

You’ll see a great change in your flow of leads as they actually become steadier if you have a dedicated team that takes care of finding and qualifying potential customers for your business. And with that, your sales reps’ calendars will always stay busy and they won’t be running out of appointments.

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Our sales team always does their best to deliver more sales into the sales funnel, but as we’ve said, there are many things that can stump this progress as well. By following the points we’ve mentioned above, you should be able to help your sales team optimize their performance and sell more.