Changing Hiring Managers Perspectives

I have obtained a double Masters in Education and Counseling. I transitioned last year from the world of education to the private sector as an admissions advisor. This role is really a combination of account manangement, sales, and customer sucess. This is really a B2C role.

I have been very successful in my role, meeting my quotas and exceeding my target numbers. I have even become the team leader and mentor to new hires.

I have been actively looking for a new role for several months. I get through the first two interviews but never make it to the final rounds. Many times the interviewer will comment how my previous role doesn't really transition to coporate, even though my current role demonstrates that I can learn and find success.

I don't know how I can find a new role. I know there is some hesitancy because I don't have B2B background, but I am highly educated and a quick learner. How can I show hiring managers and recruiters I am the right person for the role?

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What role are you targeting? Your skills seem very transferable to several roles.My tip is to examine your career narrative and interview responses. You have to show your value and translate your experience so hiring teams see you as a high-value candidate. Be specific in your stories, explain how your experiences are similar to the duties of your target role, and use their language/keywords. It's on you to show you are the best hire. It can take several (read many) interviews to master your interview skills, so keep going and pay attention to what is working and where you could improve.Keep going, doors will open for you!
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I am typically targetting CSM roles, but I also have been looking at SDR roles as well.
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Hi @adarakjian, I'm sorry you're experiencing these troubles. You seem very qualified for the roles you're applying for. I wonder if you can show an example or a "portfolio" of sorts. Designers and data scientists leverage this a lot and build out a portfolio of projects. If you could see a particular role and show an example on how you'd approach it, it might be a way in.
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I love this idea. Primarily I have created templates and flow charts to help mentees with their roles. Do you think this is something that I should use?
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Yes definitely! You could host them somewhere publicly (website, notion, any other free tools). If you have something company specific, you could send it directly to the hiring manager.I've definitely made a deck before and sent it to hiring manager after an intro call to show example of how I'd work