🥂What I learned at my first Toastmasters meetinghttps://www.toastmasters.org/Find-a-Club/01490982-toast-of-severna-park

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Toastmasters has been on my list for a long time! This was really helpful insight, thank you for putting it together for us :)
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I plan on documenting my journey here. It’s basically one the best ways to get nearly free mentorship. So glad you found it helpful.
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Was the meeting you attended in-person or online?
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It was virtual. Which is actually better because you can join the better clubs that are world ranked and well organized. Which ultimately means you’ll get more from the experience and better mentorship.
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Well done on starting your toastmasters journey. I dropped out last year after 25 years as I need to concentrate on other things for the next two years. Toastmasters is brilliant - it develops so many useful skills and Aldo brings great networking opportunities. With covid many clubs have been online - some might remain that way. As a result, I attended meeting in the US, India and or course my local Irish meetings. My mother is still involved in Engineers toastmasters. I was involved in AIB toastmasters from 1998 until it’s demise in 2020. I joined both Navan and Engineers for 2020-2021. It’s been an amazing journey, with great opportunities and I highly recommend it. Well done on writing up a great piece to encourage others to try it.
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Thank you so much Aileen! I was so nervous when I posted because I wasn’t sure it would be valuable for others. You are absolutely right though. I just spoke in Twitter Spaces yesterday after my first meeting and already have improved in my public speaking and delivery. After 1 meeting!!! I’m in shock.