Why I think everyone should become a Google Guide in 2022!

🎉When 2021 came around, I was thrilled to become a Google guide. It gave me so much inspiration and joy of supporting local businesses!

✍️Most people don't write enough. Writing reviews for yourself can make it easier to improve confidence as a writer in an easy no pressure way!

🧭Just download Google maps and set up profile to get started-thanks in large part by this website where you can leave helpful feedback anytime about where your travels take ya'.

☸️The pandemic had thrown us into complete chaos back then; not just physically with homelessness becoming more prevalent than ever before-but also mentally because things like work usually took priority over leisure activities while increasingly causing burnout.

👩🏾‍🏫Becoming a Google Guide contributor is a great way to get joy back through adventure and exploration while supporting small business and improving your writing. It’s the little things that can bring us so much growth and inspiration.

Have a splendid week full of wonder!!!

I had no idea being a Google Guide was a thing! What exactly does the job entail? And is this like a part time gig type of thing?
No it’s just a hobby. You write reviews and post them to your profile on Google maps. It’s pretty fun.
Great for the community!