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In a recent study conducted by Cengage in May of 2021, it was found that 73% of students prefer to take some of their courses completely online. This is great news for educators who are looking to incorporate more technology into their lessons during such a challenging time. Here are some EdTech trends that you can expect to see in the classroom in the next few years.

Educators have been aware of incoming technological advances since Socrates taught his students how to debate through questioning 2,500 years ago. Rapid fire changes and disruptions mean educators must continually stay ahead or risk being left behind as instructional methods. Even with this awareness, one would not be remiss betting educator reluctance against change. New tool adoption in the classroom can be challenging but it’s not impossible.

1. AI-assisted learning/instruction

2. VR/AR in the classroom

3. Flipped classrooms and personalized learning paths

4. Increased use of Chromebooks in schools

5. More online courses and resources for students

6. School administrators adapting Cyber Security protocols

7.  After-school/enrichment program management

8. Microlearning lessons

As the US education system looks to 2022, it is important for all school districts, charter schools, private schools, teachers and after-school program providers to find the technology solutions that will help bridge gaps in learning and program management.

With two years of hard work already under their belt to improve student outcomes across our country's classrooms—and more yet ahead—the stakes are high. AfterSchool HQ believes that enrichment programs should be a part of this solution.

That’s why we have committed ourselves to building an innovative suite of tools designed specifically for these types of organizations. We hope you’ll take some time today to learn about how AfterSchool HQ can impact your district or school too!

What kind of things do you think will be new in classrooms and school environments come 2022? Comment below!


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@Careeragility2020 - super cool article. We are building building an AR/VR platform using Oculus for higher learning
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Thank you so much. That’s an amazing project. Let me know how I can support you!