How to monetize an app without investors?

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Not sure if the following were implicitly excluded, but you could most definitely also charge customers for the app on a one-time basis or a subscription model!
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Hey - you've got loads of great options depending on what your product is.Here are a few:- Pay per download where a user literally has to pay when they download it from the app/play story (usually <£10 per download)- In-app purchases, where a user can pay for additional items in app. These can be physical goods, think ASOS, or they can be virtual goods. Such as lives for games, or clothing for characters (Fortnite made an absolute FORTUNE with virtual goods)- Free-mium, where you give some of your features away for free to get users hooked, but save some of the features as 'premium' features where users can upgrade to pay and use them. Dropbox, or Calm are great examples here.- Marketplace, if you've got a product where you are the middle man in between a buyer and a seller, and you make money from taking a cut of each transaction then thats a marketplace model (think Airbnb)There are loads more! Feel free to send me a PM and I can help you figure out what might work for you idea. For context I'm a CTO!