How do you know it’s time to leave a company?

Hi Elphas!

How do you know it's time to leave your current company and move on to the next?

A bit of context: I've been at my company for about 1.5 years, and it's been awesome. I've learned so much in such a short time and I genuinely love my team. I have great work/life balance (truly), and the work is engaging. I'm on track for a promotion at the end of this year, but with a recent RIF, I'm not sure what's happening on that front. And I know I'm underpaid compared to my male colleague, which is a bummer.

I always find myself looking at new job opportunities at other companies and imagining my next step. I want to step into more of a strategist role, but I'm not sure if that's possible in my current role. Sounds like I need to talk to my manager, right? 😂

I have found a few roles that sound really great and what I'm looking for (and even applied to some), but I'm worried I'll make the next step and regret leaving because the balance is so great In my current role.

I'm nervous to leave but I'm nervous to stay. I would appreciate any advice on this if you've been in a similar situation. Thank you!

It's great that you're enjoying your current job! I'd say you gave yourself the suggestion that I'd give you. Before you leave your current job, I'd think about what (if anything) would be compelling enough for you to stay – a new job title, different responsibilities, a raise, etc. – and ask for those things. The worst thing that will happen is your boss will say no and that will make your decision to leave more clear. You can still choose to leave after they offer you those things, but sharing information with your both about what's important to you and having a conversation about what's possible is good practice, and it gives you more options. Also your boss will likely appreciate the opportunity to try and make it work.Good luck!!
Thank you! I like the idea of raising this with my manager and going from there. I appreciate your insight!
:) I use 2 key questions to check in with myself: How do I want work to make me feel? and How do I wanna grow and develop?(those questions might have very different answers in different periods of my life)And then I check in - is my current work fulfilling those needs? If not, should I adjust something about my work, or change it? I hope this helps - and well done on not settling but keep on questioning ;) P.s. it is also ok to give yourself time until you sense what the right answer for you is ;) probably the best tip I can give on any decisions is to manage the state (mental-emotional state) first, and to make the decision only then - usually we have a feeling that we should push ourselves to decide and then our emotion will change.. but if we decide from a place of pressure, nervousness, worry etc we actually see much less options that way and the decision might be much less good than if we make it from grounded and positive place ;)