Hello Elphas

My name is Andreia and I'm starting my career here in the USA, despite having more than 15 years of experience in Brazil.

I arrived a few months ago and I'm developing my English, I love learning and I'm a big enthusiast of innovation and technology.

Just as there are many phrases saying "if you want to be a shark you have to swim with them" here I am, among the best professionals, looking for my place.

Today I work with Learning Experience Design Projects (instructional designer) and if anyone can give me a tip, I will be very grateful.

Have an excellent week.

Andreia Rocha

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Hi there! What kind of tips would be most helpful to you? Is there a problem you're having or an area you are most interested in improving in?
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Hi Cadran, thanks for the feedback. I'm actually looking for work in my area of ​​expertise, I already have work permits, the only detail is how to get an opportunity considering that I'm working my English and I'm not fluent yet. All the vacancies I see require fluency, but if I get an opportunity I will develop faster.