When and How to Respond to Microaggressionshttps://lu.ma/2n2t200q

Immersive Meetup 📅February 10th at ⏰ 9 am EST | 3 pm CET | 7.30 pm IST

We all know them, sometimes we don't even recognize them or simply don't know when and how to respond: Microaggressions.

​Those small, but harmful indignities come in many different shapes and sizes, but they are very effective in undermining an inclusive culture and collaboration.

​👉 How can we identify Microaggression?

​👉 When and How to react as women but also as leaders?

​👉 What's important for doing inner homework?

​Together with leadership expert Savita Upponi we will tackle those questions in a playful interactive way! Feel warmly invited ✨✨✨

➡️ https://lu.ma/2n2t200q