Can’t afford a HCI degree - how can I upskill myself?


I just graduated from a UX bootcamp since I was not able to afford any type of UX degree. The bootcamp was overall a good experience but the market is so competitive right now and it seems like university grads have a higher chance in getting a job, knowledge wise, also project wise - they got pretty cool projects on their portfolios unlike a basic app/web design.

Also when it comes to internships, most FAANG companies will hire them compared to a bootcamp grad. They got more options which is nice for them but sucks for me lol

I’m not going to get a degree anytime soon, but I was just wondering what can I learn in the meantime to upskill myself? What type of projects should I add to my portfolio? So far I have two client projects and a website redesign.

Anyone that did a HCI degree, what interesting courses did you learn?

Hey! Thanks for posting! I can totally see where you're coming from re: grads have better chances of getting jobs, but actually while the grass might seem greener, it's actually quite hard for them too and ultimately companies value all kinds of things eg. you can be someone with a UX certification and you are up against someone who went to school for HCI but it turns out the company you're targeting is actually really excited about your past experience b/c they deal with customers similar to that profile etc. and then you'd get the job! Sure FAANG might value that experience more and sure it sucks but all companies aren't FAANG so hopefully that helps you reframe and focus on the stuff you can control. Have you considered contract work for the time being to beef your portfolio up and get your shoe in the door, in this current market I think that would be helpful? This website has often been recommended here to get gigs
Thank you! Yes, I am currently doing some contract work. I will check Huddle, thank you again!
of course, keep us posted!
`` So far I have two client projects and a website redesign. ``The first step is writing out what you did and putting it on a portfolio website.
Hi @Sarah136, there are so many upskilling opportunities that sometimes it can be hard to decide which to pursue but its important to be thoughtful and prioritize what would be most worthwhile. I would consider pursuing the career exploration process to first feel 100% certain of your career direction, then, do networking with professionals in your target fields to uncover skill development opportunities and fully research the opportunities (timelines, cost, format, reputation, etc). You may also consider which paths prioritize having hands on experience/portfolios versus certification/course-based learning experiences. Pro tip: don’t forget to highlight the new skills and program on your branding materials after! For more: and PS, I’m Rachel. If you want to discuss further, check my profile to book a call to dive deeper into your goals/challenges.