🌸 CLIENT: I want an icon for my logo. Hmmm… I also want to see it just in words.

Clients often have some idea of what they want but are unable to communicate it.

I think this can help…

5 basic types of logo:

1. Wordmark

The logo is the company name

E.g. Google, The New York Times

2. Monogram

The logo is made up of the initial(s) of the company name

E.g. Under Armour, Tesla

3. Logomark

The logo is a symbol

It could be pictorial or abstract

E.g. Apple, Nike

4. Emblem

The logo combines both graphic elements and the company name


5. Dynamic Mark

The logo can adapt to different shapes and colors

E.g. City of Melbourne, Zocdoc

🌸 See examples in the carousel

No idea what’s best for your brand?

Trust your designer!

🌸 Do you have a preference? Or will you just defer this decision to your designer? Share in the comments.