Would you provide feedback on our prototype? (Platform for live, online cohort-based learning)

Hey Elphans! I'm employee #2 at Virtually ( where we're building the all-in-one platform to build, manage, and scale online education programs. We've discovered that cohort-based programs are our sweet spot (think: bootcamps, accelerators, training orgs, group coaching), but are still learning what features are most valuable to those running online education programs as well as students. And of course, we're still searching for that ever-elusive product market fit! :) We've built a prototype in Figma with the features that we're planning to build out in Q1. We'd loooove some additional feedback from anyone with experience as an admin or a student in a live online learning program (or if you just generally like to give your opinion on things in a thoughtful way.) Our goal is to be the Shopify of live online education programs so that anyone can easily share their knowledge online in a meaningful way (via "live" interaction, community, accountability, etc.). We're an LMS, SIS (i.e. student records), and Business Management System all rolled into one. If you're interested in providing feedback, just comment on this post and I'll send an Elpha DM with the prototype for your review. Questions I'd love for you to answer:-What features do you think would be most valuable to you as a an admin? As a student? -What could be improved? -What features are missing that could help you more effectively manage an online learning program? -Any ideas of other markets that might benefit from a cohort-based learning management system? Thanks so much in advance! Can't wait to hear insights from this community. :)
Happy to help!
I cannot seem to reply to the original poster of this request but I would be interested in helping also
Awesome thank you! DMing you now. :)
Awesome thank you! DMing you now. :)
Happy to help!
Awesome thank you! DMing you now. :)
Feel free to send my way!
Amazing! Sending now. :)
What about teachers?You don't mention them. Or by admin you mean also teachers?
Hi Alessandra! Thanks for your note. K-12 isn't our target market (there are other larger LMS's for schools), however, your feedback as a teacher would be really helpful! One of the things we're hoping to do is motivate teachers, professors, etc. to have an alternative way to share their knowledge online and directly charge (sort of like Outschool). Again - not the primary market, but if our platform can help people in that way, we'd be all about it. :) I'd be happy to send it over if you're interested in taking a look!
Happy to help as well!
Thanks so much! Sending over now. :)
Hi Laura, I’d be happy to help. I’ve been in the EdTech/online education space for over 20 years. I produce and distribute curriculum to over 2200 colleges and universities.
Oh wow! Thanks so much. Will send over now. :)
Happy to help Laura!
Great thanks so much! Sending now. :)
I would be happy to help!
Awesome! Thank you. :) Sending over now!