An MBA-like experience without MBA?

In a few recent conversations I've had with some women a few years out from undergrad, this topic has come up a few times. When asked how I made a career industry and function transition, I credit it back to my MBA. It allowed me to do various internships, interview alums about their careers, and take time to learn more about myself. However, I know that it's a big time and financial commitment, so we were talking about whether there are externships or programs out there for people to do that's similar to what the MBA offers (not from an academic perspective, but from job search and career exploration perspective). I know some VCs have a 6 month apprenticeship program...and some other friends have done coding bootcamps for 6 months. Anything else out there? Would love to hear thoughts!
Coming from consulting and also wanting to make an industry/function transition. Decided that an MBA was the best option to have the time, network, and more opportunities to explore. But I did consider certificate programs and have seen friends go through them to advance their careers. It's a good option if you're staying within the realm of your industry or function but want to level up on managerial skills and/or a specialization.