Survey teens to validate business idea

Hi! I’m working to further validate my business and need 7-12 grade students to complete a survey on their learning preferences and use of EdTech. Any founders who are also mamas or know teens that can text this survey link to? Would SUPER help me out. Survey doesn’t collect any personal info. Also, if you have ideas in where I can find teens to survey, that would be appreciated as well.

Hi @YvonneBarrera, I've used in the past if you don't mind paying for the service.Potentially also Reddit communities?
Thank you!
I feel that If you ask for help from any school or business targeting teens, they will let you ask your Customer Discovery questions, it is best if you do Customer Discovery in-person (you can see non-verbal language) with questions that will give you insights using the 5 why's technique. I am going to find a post that I did about this and post it here
TikTok - sounds like that's where they're all hanging out these days hehe! :)