Hey Elphas! Happy Hump Day. I've been getting back into writing, and it feels like coming home. Now, I'm getting back into sharing.If you read, I want to thank you for doing so. Article here: Because it's scary for me to put myself out there in this way. Historically, I have always considered myself to be a 'private person'. But to what extent was - is - this judgement a true reflection of 'me'?I realise now that this compartmentalisation was born out of fear and insecurity. The desire - or perceived need - to protect myself. "If I don't let anyone in, I can't get hurt."But also, if I don't let anyone in, I can't experience the full breadth of love, joy and connection that life has to offer. And, most fundamentally, if I don't let myself be me - raw, pure, messy, unadulterated, clumsy, confused, imperfect, trying - I am limiting myself further. Why? Because I don't - can't - let myself be seen for who I am. I subconsciously tell myself that I am not enough. That I am too much. That I will be scorned and rejected and laughed at even before I take the risk and give myself the chance to be. So, f*ck that. Like you, I am still working through my fears. Like you, my fears don't have to limit me. #inthetrencheswithyou
Always scary to put yourself out there! I don't know of many people would ever regret putting their content out there at the end of the day! :)
Very well-thought and well-written! Thanks for sharing!