Looking for businesses that struggle to get funded (customer research)

Hi Elphas,

I am working on a new invoice finance solution for startups and small businesses. We're on a mission to provide instant equity-free capital for early-stage companies.

I’m conducting research to better understand startup financing needs. Here on Elpha, I'd love to talk to a few founders who are:

  • less than 12 months in the business
  • and struggling to get funded

If you have 15 min for a quick call and some feedback, please book a chat with me here:

What's in it for you:

  • We’re now building the MVP, so your feedback will really influence how the product looks and feels
  • Once the pilot is launched, you can be fast-tracked to receive a funding offer from Kikin

Thank you, and have a lovely day!

[email protected]


About us:

Kikin gives start-ups access to instant, equity-free financing to spread out the cost of invoices and improve cash flow. Using open banking and Kikin’s risk analysis technology, start-ups can access trade financing solutions when they need it most - day 1.

We’re founded by Charlie Gower, who has raised over $30 million in venture funding but believes there's a better way to finance start-ups.

I selected a slot. Thanks! My start-up is about this: