acework is looking for a technical co-founder / CPO to take our remote talent platform to the next level

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Hi @AngelinaEbeling, my name is Maria Lopez. I am a communications professional. I am currently looking for a remote join and just saw your post. I will like to learn how the app works.
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Hi Maria! have you checked out our website we connect remote-ready candidates with the help of our matching algorithm to relevant companies in our network. candidates go through an onboarding & vetting process to certify that they are remote ready. this includes an interview with us as well as reference checks. once you're admitted, you can directly claim our membership benefits like access to co-working, as well as discounts on productivity tools, travel programs and insurance. please join our webinar next saturday as well :) if you have any questions, please reach out to, through facebook or our live chat.
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Hi Angelina!Your website design is great, and I think its really an awesome idea. Sort of reminds me of Honeypot, but for remote opportunities. I can see this space growing very quickly! Are you guys also screening developers for technical skill? Or do you leave technical assessment to your company clients?I will try to rack my brain for some folks who may be interesting for you to talk to as a potential CPO. Overall really cool idea!
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Hi Angelina! I'm interested in learning more about your co-founder/CPO opportunity. My most recent position was as an executive at a database startup and I have 4 years of product owner/manager experience. I am based in Mountain time US, however I'm flexible on my work hours. You're welcome to email directly if you like - Thanks and I wish you continued success at acework!
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Hi Angelina - I know someone who could be good for this and has been working on a similar project (with a prior exit) - if you reach out to me at kellysarabyn at gmail I can intro you two.