I was on LinkedIn when this post came across my feed about, how to say "no" to CEOs (or leadership) that try to switch projects on you - as a Product Manager.

And in the comments, someone mentioned "calculating opportunity costs & tradeoffs".

And that made me wonder, is there a formula or math equation for that?

Has anyone ever calculated opportunity costs & tradeoffs before? Because the numbers don't lie and that will shut down the conversation QUICK-LY for any leadership that tries to change trajectory on a whim.

Anyone else getting a "Money Ball" vibe from this question?😅

Hi love!!I think it will really depend on the context! There are things that are a bit more straightforward to calculate than others such as comparing two things that seem like comparing apple to apple such as "should I get job A or job B", you can compare things like comp., hourly (eg the pay might seem high for Job A but you are working 100 hours per week compared to job), growth opportunities based on your priorities,But there things that are a bit harder to calculate eg. should I go to this networking event tonight or work on my portfolio? If i go to the event i may meet XYZ type of person which might go a longer way than if I stayed home. Or generally should I say no to this? but in general you should have a clear idea of what you are saying yes to and be able to have some sort of an idea on how this thing you're saying yes to will serve you in the long run! What do you think?