My Mind on UX: A Mini Study Guide

🚨✨ FUN LITTLE SIDE Project ✨🚨

working on _something_ educational and useful for anyone studying and/or would like to study UX. totally spontaneous, completely unplanned. the idea is I’m pouring my brain into the screen for most of what I know about the subject (& related subjects!) &&&&&&I’m inviting u to be a part of access only— for now!for serious learners* only— post your email for access. 👈🏽🙋🏽‍♀️ all I ask in return is for your _brutally honest_ feedback.(thank you to my friend, cha pornea, for giving me this idea!)

* beginners, career transitioners, jr-mid level UX designers

find me here:

[email protected]

Hi @nikkiespartinez! I would love to have access to the guide, here is my email [email protected]
Hi @ShanieceWilson, Thank you for your interest. I am happy to share this with you. Here's the link to the doc: let me know if you're able to access this. This is a work-in-progress document, any feedback is welcome -- good or bad.Thanks again and I hope you'll find this useful. Nikki