My Mind on User Experience: A Study Guide

One of the best feelings in the world for me is looking at a thing and saying to myself:‘This exists because of me. I made this happen. Someone, somewhere, will find this helpful and it doesn’t matter if it’s 10 or 100 people. It’s more than enough for me.’

👩🏽‍💻 32+ pages. 7 short chapters. 2700+ words, a bunch of hero image studies plus a few original pieces of writing, from scratch. If you've been following my newsletter closely, this is the UX Study Guide I've been talking about, a little side project I started a couple of weeks ago.

🧠 As of this writing, here are the the topics I was able to cover:- Why choose #UX as a career path?- How to think like a user experience designer- How to supercharge your craft— and get hired by a startup along the way- Beyond the paycheck—the non-obvious ROI of freelancingMore than anything, this is (1) an exercise of writing and thinking, (2) an opportunity to flex creative muscles and (3) a chance to create something of larger impact and value. If I can hit at least one out of the 3 goals, I'd be more than happy.Learned a lot with the entire process which I will dive deeper on a separate post. Meanwhile, if you'd like access to this, please drop your email on the comments section below or DM me.✨ This is a FREE resource. ✨ I wrote this with a high-level approach to the subjects of ‘#UXDesign’, ‘#ProductDesign’ and ‘#DesignCareers’. It’s meant to be a piece for generalists, maybe even career changers at the top of mind. It’s great if you are already familiar with a lot of the concepts in the technology industry. It’s not a requirement though. Connect with me if you want to learn more about this:[email protected]#writing #design #uxresource #education