Elpha and XX is hosting a dinner in NYC for women founders on Aug 31!https://airtable.com/shr0oQi9sJknBuBeb

This sounds awesome I will deff fill out the form
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@jiwonmoon is awesome!! I have FOMO here in SF
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So nice @tanmayisai let's host one together in SF :)
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YES you two! 🥳
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Would love to join!! 🙋‍♀️
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Yes! down to host one :)
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This is super exciting! Just filled out the form!
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All of my favorite ladies in a place far far away from me. If you get a chance to go, don't miss meeting these women: @cadran @jiwonmoon!!
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I hope you are planning future events (in San Diego) as well! :) :) :)
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Sent out the form! I'm excited to meet you all potentially. I'm the Founder of Hiboo, and we are a SaaS platform that allows employees to safely and privately report harassment and discrimination in a conversational experience that will enable companies to make the best-informed decisions based on proprietary insights. Check us out: https://onepager.vc/hiboo
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The form is filled! Would love to bring something to contribute...
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thank you for a great evening!!
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Thank YOU for coming 😁