Lift Her Wealth: a free conference to empower womxn and demystify money

Hi all!I've been working with few other women to bring together a two-day conference for womxn to talk about money, salary negotiation, financial well-being, investing, and more. Visit our website for more details on the event schedule and talks details!Lift Her WealthDec 1-2, 2020Open and free for all to attend.
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This looks awesome, @teresaman! Thanks for bringing this together and posting it here. I already shared with some friends and family and I'm adding each talk individually to my Google Calendar.Question: Do any of the presentations overlap with others? I see on Day 1 that, aside from the Kicker, everything roughly starts an hour after one another (and are they an hour each, 45 minutes, ?). Day 2 is looks like some are a half hour apart and so forth.Thanks again!
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None of the talks overlap with each other! Some are back to back, such as the ones in Day 1 but we don't have any presentations happening in parallel. Hope this helps! (and thanks for spreading the word to your friends and fam!)
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