India is facing its worst COVID outbreak yet. Indian-American businesswomen are sounding the alarm

"While families scattered around the world have faced similar worries for more than a year now—unsure how to help without the ability to fly across the globe or find access to care from an overburdened health care system—the timing of this outbreak is particularly brutal. Just as India faces one of its world's worst coronavirus spikes, Indian-Americans are living in a country eager to reopen amid a largely successful vaccination campaign."-Posted by CM @iynnaTo the broader Elpha community: have you heard of any organisations / channels through which we can help India?
@bookwormIndia is in the worst situation right now, nobody could imagine..!If employees from India take leaves, don't question them why or when will you return back, just tell them to take care :)It's ok if tasks are completed late, or you not able to achieve targets or things are going slow, let it be, these things can be taken care of if you stay alive and get recovered.I am from India, and every day I am losing my dearest ones almost every day... and sadly can't help.3 days ago, we lost someone who was about to turn 2 next month. The next day my colleague lost his grandmother, following day he lost his uncle, a double shock for him. Today we lost one cousin, she was having 2 beautiful daughters.1. Help them in bringing positivities to their life, which I think most of the people has lost due to covid.2. Talk to them every day or every alternate day if possible.3. Companies should provide financial support if anyone needs it.4. Talk to friends via calls/messages and try to be in constant touch, in this mess you never know if today is your last day..! I know this sounds a bit wrong, but that's what the situation is with India right now :)5. At last, try to help them in any way you can :)