The first chapter of my novel

If you're a book lover I'd love to hear your thoughts on my debut novel's first chapter ☺️

here's the link:

ps: it's not yet been published

amazing congratulations on this amazing endeavour, Ifeoma! I tagged Asks and Show elpha for increased viz!
For sure! How is the book coming along? BTW @cllisaleung has started this thread which might be a place to share any additional thought (though i can appreciate you're likely prioritising writing for YOUR book haha)
the book is actually out now and yes I'd be happy to share my thoughts in the thread
massive congrats! drop us the link and yes your thoughts would be much appreciated!
Ifeoma,First of all, the cover art is amazing! Second of all, it's sooo good! I can't wait to read the next chapter :)
thank youu! the book should be available on amazon in December
Congrats on your first novel! Looking forward to the rest.
thank you so much :)