Goal Setting and Reflection

Hello elpha Members! This weekend I am getting together with a few friends for a day-long retreat. We get to work on our own projects and receive feedback. I would like to reflect on my past year and set goals for the next year. There are SO MANY systems someone can use. I am curious, what is your favorite way to reflect and set goals? Thanks in advance for sharing! #empowerpossible #goals

I really enjoy doing the Year Compass ( I do one every year at the end of Dec and I feel like it helps me appreciate what went well in the year as well as what I can look forward to next year. There's a lot of self-reflection prompts and it's very positive. (also, it's free! :) )
Thank you for sharing! It does look like a great tool.
You all should connect with @Mirna she's all about this!
Thanks for shoutout @iynna, yesss, I also do year compass every year for the last 5-6 years and love it and keep recommending it :) this year I am actually hosting an online free meetup to fill it in together - the first one is this Saturday or second option o Thursday, 14th of December - signups are here: Another system I love is a follow up on life design - life design is 3h long process that we do on Life Design workshop ( ) and then every year (or every 3 months) I send everyone a couple of reflection questions to tune into their life plan :) Hope to see some of you there :)
Thanks for sharing @Mirna!
thanks for an awesome question <3 :)
Thanks again for the suggestion! I completed the workbook and found it helpful.
Honestly I have yet to find a system I deeply love because there's just too many options out there. I do a quarterly-ish review and I am pretty "minimalist" in my approach. So I use a pen and paper to just write out the things that brought me joy this quarter, things that I think I did well, and things I could improve/work on better. But I don't find this system super sustainable as in I don't think I learn much from it. So I am open to all ideas :)
I have 2 more exercises to recommend: one is to write +/-/? - very similar to what you do but while + is what is going well and - is for what could be improved, ? is for new creative ideas: what else could I add to my habits or routine or life, that I havent been thinking about in a while? the second one is to write 4 things on a paper: work/career; body/health/fitness; connections/relationships/love and learning&adventure (you choose the wording that resonates most but the idea is to do 4 main life areas, and perhaps add another are that you find relevant.. its on purpose that its 4 broader areas and not 10 or 12 more narrow areas, so it would be simple, and as you say @iynna minimalistic :)) - then for each area you write down 1-10 how satisfied you are wiht that area right now, and 2-3 sentences about why that number. From there you can also set a goal or two for each area, asking: what would bring it to 1 or 2 numbers up?The key is to keep it short and sweet and stick with 2-3 sentences per area, so you dont overthink and get lost in details but instead to focus on the most impactful things :)Plus, this way the whole exercise lasts around 20 minutes max. @iynna thanks so much for tagging me, I am super happy to share things and tools like this but dont alwys find the time to look through different threads so being tagged in the ones related to selfdevelpment, wellbeing, learning, goals is sooo super helpful <3 :)
LOVE minimalism!
Thanks for post. I used the Year Compass @allisonk mentioned. I found it helpful and think it is something I could do every year.
Nice! that sounds really good. So how about every quarter, month, or even week? How do you track?
For week., I would suggest +/-/? :) For quarter, work/body/connections/adventure :) and for year, year compass or life design (or both, as life design is more goal oriented, and year compass more aspirational and allow longer time to process deeper)