Hi Elpha members!

I am interested in hosting (or co-hosting!) a retreat in Northern Minnesota. I first would like to get feedback on what kind of retreat you would be interested in attending. Please see the options below or provide a comment about what your ideal retreat would include.

Also, if you have any suggestions on how to plan, market, and lead a successful retreat please share!

I have hosted many events and workshops but I always love to learn from others!

Thank you for your help!



  1. 'Self-Discovery and Authenticity:Activities: Journaling, guided meditation, and self-reflection sessions.Purpose: Encouraging participants to explore their true selves and embrace authenticity.
  2. Resilience and Overcoming Challenges:Activities: Team-building exercises, inspirational talks, and outdoor adventures.Purpose: Building resilience through facing and overcoming challenges.
  3. Mindfulness and Stress Reduction:Activities: Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices.Purpose: Teaching techniques to manage stress and foster a present-moment awareness.
Super cool! This is not directly related to your question but I think you might still be able to get some inspo am organising a meetup in Austin for a group of 30ish people so love to learn more from yours and others' insights!
Thank you @iynna for once again providing helpful information! I appreciate the themes from the retreat, "It will be a great balance between learning new skills to create sustainable sense of wellbeing & boost your enjoyment of life" .
@juliezarubafountaine how did the retreat go!
Hey @juliezarubafountaine so great that you are doing this!!!I am doing similar things in Europe - e.g. I hosted this one in September 2023 (on mindfulness) and will do it again in September 2024 :) am happy to connect and share my learnings and experiences - although it might be more valuable once you choose the topic ;)
Thanks for your offer Mirna! Yes, I agree once a theme is chosen it would be great to connect!