Event: Learning Getaway on Mindfulness and Wellbeing in Croatia this autumn

What are your plans for this summer? Are you travelling, or learning new skills, or working on your recharge & wellbeing?

How about all 3 at once?

At Happiness Academy, we are delivering another incredible, inspiring learning event - this time set in a gorgeous villa in Istria (Croatian Tuscany), our exquisite oasis in which we will dive into learning and exploring more about mindfulness :person_in_lotus_position:, but also venture out into many adventures to also practice mindfulness mindset in "real life".

It will be a great balance between learning new skills to create sustainable sense of wellbeing & boost your enjoyment of life :brain: (with the theme of Living Life More Fully - with Mindfulness),

exploring new place in a hedonistic :shallow_pan_of_food: and nature-immersed way :deciduous_tree:,

and meeting a small group of amazing like-minded people to inspire you.

While the Learning Getaway is happening in late September, April is your chance to grab a super early bird and join us with the minimum investment.

Discover more:

And don't be shy to get in touch if you are considering joining us.

P.S. if this learning getaway is not a good fit for you - but you are interested in the topics of wellbeing, resilience, mindfulness, self-development, I would love to connect on Linkedin as well - find me at