Looking for work as a Founder

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to formally introduce myself. My name is Chandra Savage and I am the founder of Born Savage. My brand was just included in the Elpha 2023 Holiday Gift Guide and I could not be more elated.

I have been working on a new company for the last couple of months and developing an app that will help you make $1 out of $.15. In October, I was accepted into the SEAP Program in order to start my new business. Although I have been working diligently on the development of this company, we all know that it takes more than 6 months to develop an app.

I worked as a Financial Trainer for a little over 5 years at a woman-owned startup. During that time, I instilled in my clients the importance of having an emergency fund. Thank God I practiced what I preached. However, the money quickly goes as you are running one business and developing another.

I created Born Savage with the entrepreneur and dreamer in mind. However, I also know that I am looking for new employment as well. I am curious to know how other founders have navigated this situation. I know that I cannot be the only founder who has found themselves in this situation.

I would appreciate any advice that you would like to share.

Thank you,


Hi Chandra, congratulations on being accepted into the SEAP Program and also being in the Holiday Gift Guide! Just FYI that I added a few more tags for you in your post. Also, I've seen founders take on part-time or contract roles to help them pay their bills while building out their business. It sounds like you've got a fair amount of experience in finance, so perhaps you could look for some opportunities in this space?
@brianarani thank you for the tip.
Hi Chandra, we were stoked to include and love what you're doing.I completely feel your pain here and I have a similar story as yours. Perhaps some consulting gigs given your experience as a financial trainer (is the Financial Gym hiring folks right now, they might be a fit?) But know that I feel you/your pains and I agree with you that you cannot be the only founder going through it.
Hello Iynna, I used to work at The Financial Gym and it was a wonderful experience. I was there for 5 1/2 years, so I am looking for something different. I was part of the original 7, before we had walls, lol.
omg! that's wild and such a small world! What are you looking for?