NYC Meeetup for March

Hello Ladies,

I remember that there was some mention of having a meetup in March. Has there been a confirmation of the date, time, and location?

Thank you,

Chandra Savage

thanks for bringing this up! @ellepin and I think @florenceholdeman were thinking of one, so looping them in!Also this is the thread if you want to keep track of it
Yes, there's a meetup in March! Also trying to have them on a more regular basis, if you can take this survey it would help us figure out everyone's preferences -
totally missed this response but this is so good because @KathyjHenry is on it for April see her post here, if you all want to tag team! given how HUGE the NYC community is, I really don't think it hurts to have multiple meetups if you happen to have conflicting schedules etc.