Join $100 Club program to create your money making side hustle on the internet

Hey everyone,

There's an interesting project I came across that I believe some of you might like to check out & explore.

The $100 Club- A closed-door club of people who learn & master the art of making money by building internet-based products

It is going to be a Club unlike any other, you hang out & get to be a part of The $100 Club along with others only when you build an internet product that makes $100 or more setting yourself on the path of parallel wealth creation apart from your job

This is brought to you by the same team at Build( which over the last ~3 years has enabled & helped ~1000 people to build products. Now, they are attacking the #1 thing people seek that is make money with their internet product starting with $100

If you want to be among the first 50 who start their journey to join The $100 Club between Jan 13th- and Feb 24th, drop your details in the link & the team will be in touch

Apply here:

If you get accepted, share my code NITI to get a discounted price

Looks like a great lineups of speakers! Did you participate? How was it?
Yeah I have participated in their "Build" program which was focused on helping people build and launch their side project on the internet. Loved the experience. The best part was the community support