How to find women leadership/career-focused groups

Hi. I am a Product Manager with 7 years experience in Cyber Security and another additional 3 years in Marketing. I have an MS EE and a MBA as well.

I'd like to identify different career paths, network and go up the career ladder. I'd like to get to managerial/leadership level in the next 5 years.

I think being part of a women leadership group would help identify some options and get ideas for my next stage of my career. How do I find one? Any other suggestions on figuring out my career would be very helpful.

Thanks so much!

Not exactly a networking / women-only leadership group, but I'd love to also recommend for free mentorship for folks who are senior in case there's anything to be learnt from them, or seek advice!
Thank you for sharing! our OH guest this week might have some fantastic ideas for you if you want to ask her :)
Hi Rosanne - I am founder of Elevate ( I am dedicated to supporting early-mid career women, like yourself, who are ready to make major career moves. Our vetted coaches (I get coached by every coach I put on my platform) provide personalized guidance for transitions, advancement, and finding clarity. Community and resources are an important part of the Elevate experience as well!Navigating the change you're describing is exactly what we help women with. Would love to chat to see if we can find ways to support you! Feel free to book a call here:
I'm about to launch The LeadHERship Lounge on YouTube next week. It's primary focus is to dig deep into topics that matter to women leaders, including how to handle imposter syndrome, elevating your voice to be heard, and more. I've been in leadership through director level for over 25 years and I'm going to share how I did it in a male-dominated tech industry. You can also check it out on instagram and LinkedIn at the same name @theleadhershiplounge our website at Happy to chat further if you'd like.