Funding For Docu-Series Highlighting Millennial Women Of Color

When I first started Witted Roots, one of the first projects I developed was a docu-series.

I wanted to highlight millennial women of color who don't typically have opportunities to be vulnerable about their experiences with their mental health and emotional wellness, especially against the backdrop of cultural stigma.

It was definitely an ambitious goal -- I had never done anything like that before -- but I had this powerful pull to make it happen. And we did it.

The first season was released, and despite all the behind-the-scenes complications (Youtube randomly deleting our account without reason, lack of funding, etc.), it continues to be one of the things that I am most proud of.

Now, I'm ready to produce Season II, with all the skills that I've developed since then, and a clearer idea on how we want to curate it as a safe space to tell these stories (+ hear these stories).

To do that, I need your help with two things:

1. We have re-started our crowdfunding campaign and would greatly appreciate any level of support by securing one of our rewards, or sharing our campaign with your network (Here are some promo graphics just in case you'd like to share).

2. Are you a millennial woman of color in the NYC area who would be interested in sharing your story on Season II of our docu-series? Submit your interest here and feel free to share the form with anyone else you think might like to be a part of it.

**Being a team of 1 while trying to get footing for our mission, while simultaneously trying to survive because *life*, it's been really difficult to spread the word. Any help with sharing our campaign, or any resources or suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!