Who needs more customers? 🙋‍♀️

I'll be hosting this event for Revel, on how to get new clients.

If you're 40+, then join the Revel event.

If you're not 40+, and you still want to know how to get new business, COMMENT "ME" or message me and I'll create another event just for us!

Comment ME or message me if you're ready to leave your excuses behind and get all the customers you want in 2023!


If you are a founder or entrepreneur looking to get more clients, then this event is for you.

What to expect:

First, I'll briefly share a few tips about what's consistently worked for me to get new customers in various types of businesses, including building a service business from scratch to $50 million in annual revenue in 6 years. I helped a marketing agency go from $600K to $1 million in annual revenue in 12 months, helped a new landscape architect start her own firm that landed UC Berkley as a client within her first 6 months, and most recently started a 1:1 coaching practice that hit 6 figures in revenue my first year. And much more...

At this event, I will coach a few people, one at a time, on the topic of sales in their business. You will learn just as much from listening to other people being coached as you will from getting coached yourself.

Come with your questions and challenges that you are facing in getting new business.